Commit to the Journey: Nutrition Balance

Happy National Nutrition Month®! March is a month dedicated to educating and informing on healthy food choices and developing positive food and lifestyle behaviors. For a Registered Dietitian, this is an exciting time to guide clients to reflect on their own health and how they fuel their bodies. It’s also a great time to reflect on your relationship with food and the many joys of life that surround it.


To celebrate this month, we have developed an exciting series dedicated to highlighting what we know to be the fundamentals of a healthy diet ~ the time-tested, scientifically – supported, sure-fire principles that are essential to eating well. Each week, we will feature a principle and guide you through what we hope will prove to be a beneficial month to your health. It is our hope that you will learn something new, re-inforce a behavior, or commit to a change that positively impacts your nutrition and health journey.


Before we can start, I want to spend some time talking about my nutrition philosophy. Let me warn you ~ it is not flashy, glamorous, or promise anything grandiose. It will, however, be attainable, realistic, and honest.


Diets Don’t Work.

This is a fact. Think about this: If you go “on” a diet, doesn’t that imply that you will eventually go “off” the diet? Diets impose a strict set of rules and restrictions that promise to yield fantastic results. Here’s the thing ~ these restrictions are never sustainable over the long term. You inevitably “fall off” of the plan, and revert right back to your old behaviors. Worse, you are left with feelings of guilt and failure. I am committed to helping you break this cycle.

It’s All About Balance.

Balance requires giving up the diet mentality. I want you to walk away from the rules-based, moral approach to eating. Balance is about creating new habits and making small lifestyle choices every day that invest in your health.

Balance Is Fluid.

There is no single way of eating that applies to everyone. If there were, we wouldn’t have a diet industry. There are no “good” or “bad” foods and things are not black and white. It’s not that simple. Life can get complicated and priorities often need to shift to accommodate. That is OK! Let yourself off of the hook and commit to doing the best that you can in each moment.

Commit to the Journey.

Strive to create new habits and make small lifestyle choices that invest in your health every day. Food is fuel. I want you to nourish your body well so that you are able to do the things that are important to you. Set small, reasonable, and attainable goals and commit to the journey.


As we head into National Nutrition Month®, commit to balance. Lose the rules and restrictions surrounding food and embrace the journey. Throughout the month, we will highlight proven nutrition guidelines to support you as you embrace a healthier lifestyle. It is our goal that each of you can feel and function as your best self while developing – or strengthening –  a healthy relationship with food.

Sarah Marjoram, MS, RDN, LD

A Registered Dietitian supporting nutrition businesses with impactful content and marketing strategy.